Last Minute Gift Guide!

Where have I been?!?

Sorry folks, I’ve taken several days off to deal with some stuff IRL and I’ll probably take a few more days off too.  That’s life!

For now, let me remind you to read over the last few posts, including the super heartwarming Christmas Adverts post which is a playlist of 40 minutes of Christmas cheer via short film-style TV commercials, and a Christmas music playlist I made just for you!

The other HUGE thing to remind you of is that if you still haven’t done all your Christmas shopping, IT’S NOT TOO LATE.

Join Amazon Prime RIGHT NOW using this link and you’ll get one month for FREE (cancel at the end of the month and you won’t be charged a penny).  Most items on Amazon right now can still be shipped directly to you or your recipient in time for Christmas.

A few great gift ideas of things that are EXCELLENT deals right now:

  • The Amazon Fire TV Stick: I posted about it here, it turns any TV into a smart TV (a Smart TV is one that can access the internet, like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc. from your TV screen).  Ideal for second TVs that may not be smart TVs, for frequent travelers (we have one we keep in our luggage and use in hotel rooms!), or your primary TV if you don’t know how to access the internet on it!
  • The Echo Dot: I posted about it here, but it’s a fun little speaker that hooks up to the internet via Wi-Fi and you can talk directly to it to play music, get weather, sports scores, news updates, and a TON more.  We have ours linked up to different lamps to turn them off by just saying “Alexa, turn off the family room lamp”
  • Gift Cards: I think gift cards used to be kind of taboo (“hey, I couldn’t think of anything to get you so here”) but who doesn’t like getting one?!?  Especially pre-teens and teens, who are so hard to buy for, but really the biggest treat for them would be getting to go shopping with their own money to buy things they pick out themselves.  Gift cards are totally cool to buy now.  I buy gift cards from Amazon and have them shipped directly.  Not an online code, but a real gift card, that comes in a real envelope with a real gift message to the recipient.
  • Instant Pot: How much have I talked about the Instant Pot on here?  A TON.  Well, that’s cause it’s worth it!  The Instant Pot would be an AMAZING gift for someone.  Does your special someone already have an Instant Pot?  Here’s several accessories I can’t live without: additional sealing rings, these silicone molds everyone is using right now to make sous vide eggs, a lid that goes in the fridge, and a steamer basket.
  • There are a lot of other cool items that are on flash deal right now that can get to you by Christmas if you’re a Prime member.  Here’s the link to that page of deals.

Happy last-minute shopping, have a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll talk to you next week!