The 90th Annual Academy Awards air on Sunday, March 4th at 5pm PST (8pm EST)!  Every year I try to see every single film nominated.  This year I’ve got a few things going on IRL but I’m still going to do my best to see as many as I can.

TIEBREAKER: Are you playing along with friends and there’s a tie? Click here to find a number between 1-100!

Want to see them all?  Here’s where to see every single nominee!

Only want to see “THE BIG ONES”?  Here’s where to see all of the big nominees!

How many have you seen?  Here’s an Oscars 2018 Nominations Checklist

Want to play along on Oscar night? Here’s a printable Oscars Ballot!

Here’s a link to my favorite podcast where you can hear discussions about the films!


This is an especially good year to try to see all of them, because of the 59 total films nominated, 34 of them can be watched from the comfort of your couch!  That’s more than half!

To see as many as possible, I suggest that you:

Subscribe to Amazon Prime
Have you still not gotten Amazon Prime?  Now is the time.  In addition to free shipping, free photo storage, free music streaming, and much more, you have access to a ton of free movies and shows.  You can get one month for free and cancel before you’re charged by clicking here.

Subscribe to Netflix Streaming
Netflix did really well this year with several of their Netflix-produced films being nominated for some big awards.  There are a lot of films on the list that are available to stream for one low monthly price.  Click here to get your first month free (you can cancel before the month is over and not be charged).

Subscribe to Netflix DVD Rentals
Did you even know this still exists?  This is how Netflix started, and they are still running.  It’s a different subscription from Netflix Streaming, but they often have different movies available than the streaming service.  Click here to get your first month free (you can cancel before the month is over and not be charged).

Buy a MoviePass
Have you heard about MoviePass? For a low monthly price, you can go to one movie every day for a YEAR for FREE!  The regular price direct from MoviePass is $9.95/month so it pays for itself after only one movie a month.  Costco currently has an awesome promotion where they are selling a one year subscription for only $89.99 which pays for itself after only about seven movies.  If you see movies as often as me, this is the way to go.  Here’s the link to the Costco deal.

Go to the Shorts.tv Showings of the Short Films
My favorite three categories!  There are 15 total films nominated for the short film categories (Best Animated Short, Best Documentary Short, and Best Live Action Short), and they are available via Shorts.tv.  Every year Shorts.tv releases these movies to select theaters in February, where for one ticket price you can see all five in one category.  Click here to see which theaters near you will have these films.  They also release them for streaming at home via Amazon Purchase at the end of February and I’ll post that link when it becomes available.