HQ Trivia

Hey all!
Thanks for your patience as I took a little Christmas/New Years/personal break!
I’m back now, happy 2018!!!

I’ve got a whole list of posts ready to go, but the first one is a fun game I’ve been playing for the last couple months: HQ Trivia.


Are you playing this? It’s an app that does LIVE trivia games twice a day every day (just once a day on the weekends).  There’s a cash prize, and the winners share the pot.  The prize is usually $2000, but it’s been $10,000, $15,000…it gets up there!  And it’s real money, too, deposited to your Paypal account if/when you win over $20.  Since the winners split the money, the winners each usually end up with $50 or so but it totally depends on the day.  There might be 2 winners, there might be 100 winners.

There are 12 questions, each getting harder than the one before it.  You have ten seconds to answer each multiple choice question from the time they start reading the question (meaning you have NOT ENOUGH TIME to Google it.  You either know it, or you don’t.  There’s not really even enough time to discuss among your friends or even really think about it too hard.  Plus, no changing your answer once you’ve picked.

Once you miss one question, you’re out.  You can earn extra lives by referring friends, but you can only use one extra life per game no matter how many you’ve earned.

If you want to play, I’d love it if you’d use my referral code, “macaroniforever” and I’ll get an extra life!!!

Also, here’s a hack to get a free extra life if you already play.  On the main screen where it tells you how long til the next game, how many lives you have, etc., use two fingers to rapidly brush the screen up up up until another life appears. You can only do this once.  You’re welcome!!!

Now, a few problems with the game:

~It’s still pre-revenue.
I’m sorry, but I feel like they’re at the peak usage now (or have already passed it).  They still don’t have advertising or anything.  Rumor has it they are looking for a $100 million valuation.  Um, good luck.
~The quality is sketchy at best.
The video feed will freeze mid-game, there will be a snafu that causes them to cancel the game, you’ll get randomly kicked out for no reason.  They still haven’t figured it completely out, but to be fair it’s a whole new genre of app game.  But that may explain why they haven’t moved to revenue yet.
~There’s a TON of wasted time
Each game only takes about 15 minutes, but the actual questions part of it lasts a total of maybe 3 minutes all together.  Which means there’s a lot of talking, killing time, giving shoutouts to people playing, etc.  I think the whole point is to be able to show investors that they can keep people as active watchers for a long time, but seriously it sucks.  I usually set my phone aside and half-listen until they actually start asking questions.  I think I’ll actually enjoy watching the commercials when they finally replace the constant talking with that.

Okay, so I really didn’t do a good job of selling it, but just try it!  It’s fun and different and you can feel like you’re in a pub doing Trivia Night even though it’s noon on a Thursday and you’re at work.

HQ Trivia plays weekday at 12pm and 6pm PST and on the weekends at 6pm PST.
Please use the referral code “macaroniforever” when you create your free account!
Link to the iPhone App
Link to the Android App